Is the Nintendo Wii Worth Your Money?

The Wii is a straight forward, simple to use Nintendo game that incorporates a device with a wand-like, motion-sensitive controller called the ''Wii-mote''. It offers the most unique and exciting way to play games by responding to a player's physical movements and provides an aerobic gaming experience.

Although it doesn't have the sheer graphics power and rich media features of the PS3 or the Xbox 360, it gives you a degree of freedom that is heads above the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

Even though the console is next-gen, the graphics on the Wii will not make your eyes pop out, but it does give new meaning to "user involvement". Eventually, Nintendo will have to address this graphics issue to stay competitive with the others. But even with the existing graphics, it's real easy to get involved in the games and you can even get a good workout.

With Wii Sports, that comes bundled with the console, to swing a golf club you actually swing the remote controller just like it was a golf club. For hitting a baseball, you swing the controller like a baseball bat. Just playing Wii Sports tennis can give you a sore arm in 30 minutes if you play to win. So be sure you've got some floor space to "get active".

This system is less expensive than the PS3 and the Xbox 360, and it will really appeal to the kids.

It is the most family friendly machine, with an emphasis on fun gamming, which adults will find attractive and there is a fast growing library of retro games from earlier consoles, including Sega and Nintendo classics. This system is comfortably affordable at around $250 and well worth the money.

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