Homemade Soap for Fun & Profit

Picture of making money with soapBreak Away from the Ordinary and Make Your Own Homemade Soap
bullet MAKE EXTRA MONEY by selling Homemade Soap
bullet SAVE MONEY by making your own Soap
bullet ENJOY over 100 SPA SOAP RECIPES

Others are doing it, So Can YOU! 

Easy To Follow Instructions!
All you need is the right information.

Both of These Book are Highly Recommended:

The Handcrafter's Companion

A Collection of 126 Spa Soap Recipes

Learn The 'Secrets' Professional Spa Owners Use To Create Luscious Bath Bombs, Soothing Creams and Aromatic Fragrance Products

 Graphic of Spa Recipes ebook

Simple Soap Making

At Last! You Can Make Soap Quickly And Easily Without Wasting Hours of Time & Losing Handfuls of Money

Easy To Follow Step by Step Instructions By A Proven Expert

 Graphic of Simple Soapmaking ebook

A Collection of 126 Spa Product Recipes

This Book is your comprehensive,
step-by-step guide to creating your own spa-quality products, for fun and profit!

The Collection of Recipes Includes

bullet Classic Handcrafted Soaps
bullet Bath Teas, Additives & Soaks
bullet Professional Quality Spa Treatments
bullet Bubble Baths & Bath Bombs
bullet Butters, Balms, Lotions & Creams
bullet Scrubs, Polishes, Salts & Masques
bullet Home Fragrance Products
bullet Potpourri and Sachets
bullet Aromatherapy Blends

Plus, You Get these 10 Bonus Resources:

bullet Tips & Tools for Getting Started
bullet Keeping Your Work Area Clean and Sanitized
bullet Cautionary measures when working with spa product ingredients
bullet How to Label Your Products Properly
bullet Creating Your Total Brand Image
bullet Picking a Color Scheme
bullet How to Make Packaging Work for You
bullet Calculating your costs for maximum profitability
bullet 22 Low Cost & No Cost Promotional Ideas for promoting your products
bullet Source and Supply Lists
A Step by Step, Easy to Follow Guide

Make soap in your Kitchen for personal use, for profit, for your family or because you want to stop using store bought soaps that contain harmful chemicals!

Here's What You Get:

bullet The best vegetable oils to use for specific types of lathering and hardness of your bars
bullet How to adjust the properties of your soap by temperature
bullet Step-by-Step Instructions on Cold-Process, Hand-Milled and M&P Soap
bullet A Shopping Guide for Easy-to-Find Additives to Jump Start your First Batch
bullet Troubleshooting to Save Your Botched Batches of Soap
bullet The "One" Secret that will allow you to Get More Bars from Your Base
bullet Which Suppliers Have the Best Products & Service, and Which Ones to Watch Out For!
bullet Which Ingredients will Preserve Your Soap and Extend the Scent of Your Bars
bullet The Best Places to Find Your Soapmaking Hardware
bullet A list of 30 soapmaking oils and their benefits
bullet A list of almost 50 essential oils to use for over 25 skin conditions
bullet A lesson on pH and its role in skincare
bullet Tips for storing and packaging your bars
bullet Where to find lye without paying hazmat fees
bullet How to create your own recipe from scratch for skin and hair
bullet 10 Soapmaking recipes that will help your business become a success
bullet and much more...

Plus, You Get These 2 Additional Bonuses:

bullet How To Make Money Selling Your Soaps
bullet How To Avoid Soapmaking Fragrance Disasters

All for $27

Full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Risk-Free 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Picture of Donald Dean at two years oldI wish you Success and hope you fulfill your dreams, whether it is to Start a Home Business, Earn Extra Cash, or just to Save Some Money in these Challenging Economic Times.

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Best Wishes!

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